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Potato snacks

Products for direct expanded snacks

Native potato starch

Empure® KF 1500

Emflo® KPS 200

Emgranule® 3364

Emflake® 3917

Products for indirect expanded snacks

Emwaxy® 100

Emjel® P

Emgranule® 3364

Emflake® 3847

Native potato starch

Empure® KF 1500

Extruded snacks

There are two types of extruded snacks: direct and indirect expanded snacks.

Direct expanded snacks are snacks that are formed in the extruder and expand immediately when they emerge from the die. Indirect expanded snacks are not expanded after the extrusion process and require an independent second processing step, such as frying, to prepare the final expanded snack. The semi-finished snacks have the advantage that it can be stored easily with a long shelf life

Texture & Expansion

The preparation of extruded snacks require special ingredients that withstand the process conditions such as heat and shear. Next to that, snack producers have their own requirements for specific expansion and texture depending on regional consumer preferences or market trends.

Emsland Group has a wide portfolio of starches, granules and flakes for extruded snacks.

Sheeted and fried stackable snacks

Sheeted and fried stackable snacks are prepared by specific processing in frying oil leading to the desired even stackable shape that is packed in typical cone shapes packages. Next to stackable snacks also pellets can be made by a sheeting process.

Sheeting properties & expansion

Challenges of sheeted and fried snacks are related to the dough properties and the final texture of the snack. The dough should form easy and it should be easy to cut the sheet into the desired shape. The expansion should be even and homogenous and the texture crispy and light.


The potato-based ingredients of Emsland Group are able to overcome these challenges. Depending on customer requirements ad preferences, there are several combinations of flakes, granules and starches possible for a good end result.

Product highlights

Emjel® P

Emwaxy® 100

Native potato starch

Emgranule® 3364

Emflake® 3862a

Emflake® 3916

Product highlights

Emwaxy® Jel 100

Emjel® E 70

Emwaxy® 100

Emflake® 3899

Baked snacks

Baked snacks have become popular snacks due to the growing consumer awareness of caloric intake and the fact that the fats and oils in fried snacks contribute largely to that. In general, sheeted and baked snacks are produced from a sheeting dough of potato flakes, starches and some minor ingredients such as emulsifiers. The sheet is cut to the desired shape and the dough pieces are baked and seasoned.

Expansion & texture

The baking conditions that are used for preparing sheeted and baked snacks may lead to random and irregular shapes. Therefore ingredients are required that are easy to expand and result in an even texture.


By using the right combination of Emflake® potato flakes and Emwaxy® or Emjel® starches of Emsland Group the requirements of baked and sheeted snacks can be fulfilled.

Protein-enriched snacks

For several baked snacks, Emsland Group has developed protein-enriched concepts with plant-based pea protein isolates Empro® E 86 and Empro® E 86 HV

Product highlights

Empro® E 86 HV

Empro® E 86

Coated nuts

For Coated Nuts see Link.


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