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Food Coating

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Embat® 2000

Emden® KV 20

Embat® 2000

Emdex® KS 1025

Emdex® White Diko

Embat® 11384

French fry coating

Crispy texture with long holding time

French fries are a popular side dish that is consumed in large quantities in restaurants and especially cafeterias and fast food chains. After frying, the French fries are hot and crispy but after some time the texture can become soggy and unappealing. To keep the fries warm, fast food chains store them under heat lamps for a certain period of time, but this causes the product to lose its crispness. Keeping the fries crispy during this storage is a major challenge. Likewise, more and more people are taking advantage of the delivery service of fast food products, here too there is a great challenge to keep the fries warm and crispy for a certain period of time.

The solution for maintaining the crispiness is to apply a coating on the French fries. This coating prevents the leaching of moisture form the core and keeps the fries crispy. Our raw materials based on potato and pea are ideal for this purpose.

Emsland Group offers Embat®, ready to use gluten-free blends for French fries as well as single starches Emden® KV 20 starches and Emdex® potato dextrins for customers that make their own specific blends.

Gluten-free batters and breadings

Gluten-free batters and breadings

Most coatings, such as wet panades, dry panades and tempura are based on wheat flour. However, gluten-free is an important market trend, so there is a need for gluten-free concepts here as well. Emsland Group has developed various gluten-free concepts based on potato and pea starches.

Tempura batter

Tempura batters are crispy and airy coatings that used for meat, poultry and fish. These batters increase the look and texture of the core component. In general tempura batters are based on wheat flour and leavening agents that puff upon frying. Emsland Group has developed a recipe for gluten-free tempura coatings where a combination of Emden® ESH 15 in combination with Emdex® KS 1025 is used.

Wet and dry breadings

Wet breadings are used to fix the dry panade to the substrate. These are often based on wheat flour, which contains the allergen gluten. Emsland Group has developed an adhesion batter Embat® 2000 and offers a portfolio of Emflake® potato flakes that are perfect for use as gluten-free dry breading.

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Emflake® 3822

Emflake® 3915

Emflake® 3923

Embat® 2000

Emdex® KS 1025

Emden® ESH 15

Product highlights

Emwaxy® Jel 100

Emjel® E 70

Emjel® P

Emwaxy ® 100

Native potato starch

Coated nuts

Texture & expansion

Coated nuts are nuts (usually peanuts), covered with a flavored crispy layer. The layer consists of starches or flours and sometimes, granules and flakes. Texture and expansion are two important qualifiers for coated nuts. It is important that the expansion is even and that the air bubbles are homogeneous without leaving room between the nut and the coating thus preventing the so-called rattle effect.


Potato starches are excellent ingredients for coated nuts. By using a combination of cook-up and cold water soluble starches Emwaxy® and Emjel®, optimum binding and expansion is achieved. Texture variation can be created by using a mix of regular potato starch and Emwaxy®. In general, Emwaxy® leads to high expansion and a lighter texture.


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Food Coatings
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