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The Emsland Group is an internationally operating company that manufactures innovative products for the processing industry based on raw materials from vegetables.

The Emsland Group products have been essential elements in a wide range of food applications for quite some time. We also provide a wide range of products in the dried potato products segment of the food retail sector under the “Echt vom Feld” brand. The Emsland Group offers customized product solutions for our customers in the areas of adhesives, flocking agents, construction additives, textile applications and filter materials. Our quality products are used in high-quality animal feed for domestic and farm animals.

Emsland-Stärke GmbH

With its production sites in Wietzendorf, Golßen and Kyritz and the main plant in Emlichheim, Emsland-Stärke GmbH forms the largest part of the Emsland Group.

In Emsland-Stärke GmbH’s plants, both potatoes and peas are processed into high-quality native and modified starch products. They are used in, for example, food, specific technical applications such as adhesives, textiles and construction additives, as well as animal feed. The supplied raw materials are also used to generate protein and fiber products for the food sector. Throughout the Group, more than 2.2 million tons of potatoes and over 160,000 tons of peas are processed.

This optimal cooperation between the individual companies guarantees that the systems are economically viable, quality standards remain high and occupational health and safety is continuously being improved.

Emlichheim Main Plant

Factory Golßen

Kyritz Plant

Wietzendorf Plant

Emsland Food GmbH

Emsland Food GmbH emerged from the takeover of Bestfoods Deutschland GmbH, which was active in the industrial business for finished products made from potatoes, and consists of the Cloppenburg, Wittingen, Hagenow, and Emlichheim plants.

Emsland Food GmbH produces quality potato flakes at the Cloppenburg plant and potato granules for the food processing industry at the Wittingen plant. At the beginning of the 2013/2014 fiscal year, Emsland-Stärke GmbH became the main shareholder of Mecklenburg Kartoffelveredlung GmbH in Hagenow. The operational business of Mecklenburg Kartoffelveredlung became Emsland Food at the Hagenow plant on July 1, 2013. With its three plants, Emsland Food GmbH is the European market leader for producing dried potato products and will expand its position on the global markets.

The top quality of each individual product is our top priority and is the foundation for a collaboration with our customers and partners that is based on trust. The innovative products with a high level of quality, produced for special applications, are especially a significant milestone.

Cloppenburg Plant

Emlichheim Main Plant

Hagenow Plant

Wittingen Plant

Mecklenburger Kartoffelveredlung GmbH

Since 2013, and after the Hagenow production facility was integrated into Emsland Food GmbH, Mecklenburger Kartoffelveredlung GmbH has been a sales company and has organized national and international sales, as well as specific marketing for retail and bulk consumer products, within the Emsland Group.

Mecklenburger Kartoffelveredlung GmbH not only sells and distributes the “Echt vom Feld” brand, but it also organizes the private label business. The Emsland Group has become one of the largest European private label producers of dried potato products due to its more than forty years of experience and high degree of expertise in processing and distribution.

Through Mecklenburger Kartoffelveredlung GmbH, the Emsland Group offers customized solutions for the retail sector, from raw materials and processing all the way to the right packaging and its design.


By using our own integrated management system, we are able to ensure that the requirements of the many quality, environmental, energy and occupational safety standards by which we abide are integrated into all processes, thereby creating the necessary conditions for continuous improvement.

The effectiveness of these systems is regularly reviewed and evaluated by internal controlling measures as well as by external certification bodies.


All plants of the Emsland Group are comprehensively audited and certified at regular intervals. As of 2012 a matrix certification has been carried out and fulfilled concerning the entire plant and facility system of the Emsland Group. This is also being expanded annually.

All certifications were passed thanks to the hard work of all employees, large-scale investments and the rigorous training of personnel. As a result, we can continue to ensure the first-class quality of our products and services at all production sites.

Certificates Quality / Food Safety
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Since 1928 we have been relying on the innovative power of nature. “Using nature to create” is at the core of our value-creation and corporate business model. Despite an export ratio of over 75 percent and worldwide marketing, we nonetheless think and act in a down-to-earth manner. We strive to be connected to our region and to grow our most important raw material – the potato – as close as possible to our sites. By doing so, we are able to conserve natural resources and substantially decrease emissions.