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Potato Granules

Potato Granules

Potato granules are dehydrated potato products and are used more and more in many food products such as potato-based processed snacks, potato products and bakery

In comparison to Potato Flakes, Potato Granules are not cold-water soluble. Due to the gentle production process, intact potato cells are obtained. Potato Granules are hot-swelling and contain a low amount of free starch. They show a robust consistency in food processes and have a typical and appealing potato taste

Emsland Group has a broad portfolio of potato granules under the brand name Emgranule®. They are available in different colour (cream or yellow), and different formulations.

Potato granules have the following functionality:

  • Pulpy texture in potato products
  • Texturizer in potato-based processed snacks
  • Typical potato flavour
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