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Important aspects of meat, poultry and fish products are the qualitative standardization of the product's characteristics such as texture, structure and consistency. The Emsland Group offers a variety of products that create stability in the production process in the extremely diverse areas of meat production.


Since the vegan diet plays an increasingly important role worldwide, product developers at the Emsland Group are focusing their attention more and more on ingredients for meat alternatives. For this purpose, pea and potato fibers and pea proteins are used.


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Refined lean meat

Cooking the meat is used for preserving, digestibility, and enhancing taste. Starch and fiber are primarily used to maintain the natural flavor in ham, chicken and turkey during processing, and to retain the liquid during the process.


The Emsland Group offers product solutions to improve storage life, tenderness and resistance to cutting when it comes to injections and tenderizing the meat.


The Emsland Group's products promote water retention and water absorption. They also improve the texture, color and sensory attributes of cooked meat products.


Emulsified meat

Water absorption can be achieved by using potato starch. particularly in hot dogs or Frankfurter sausages. Food weight loss, changes in the form and fat deposits are reduced, thereby optimizing the final product. Special starch products from the Emsland Group also have excellent freezing and thawing stabilizing properties, and improve the processing tolerance of emulsified meat.


Fermented meat products

A clearly defined fermentation process is necessary for fermented meat, which is generated by means of special bacterial strains or enzymes. The Emsland Group products improve the taste, texture and cutting ability of fermented meat products (e.g., salami).


Meat mixtures

Potato starches, as well as proteins and fibers are used as binding agents in meatballs, burgers and chicken nuggets. Using them improves the consistency, and the end product does not lose any weight during processing through frying or cooking. In addition, the products of Emsland Group also improve the texture of fried and cooked meat.



Most notably in surimi, a food product designed to imitate lobster, crustaceans and other shellfish varieties, products such Emes® are used.


Surimi is a solid mass of minced fish. Nowadays, fish is no longer processed directly at sea but is stabilized with humectants and then frozen. The fish is further processed by pulverizing it, forming it into a paste and then boiling it. During the cooking process, Emes® ensures that water is well retained, thereby achieving juiciness, cut resistance and storage life.