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Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Whole muscle meat and poultry

Water binding

Processed whole muscle meat and poultry are usually treated with brine before cooking. In order to prevent moisture loss upon cooking, ingredients are used to bind the meat juice, keeping the meat products juicy and succulent. These ingredients should have water binding at 72-75°C, the temperature range that is used for cooking meat and poultry

Native potato starch is the preferred choice for whole muscle meat because of the high water binding properties at moderate temperatures. Next to standard native potato starch, Emsland also offers a modified starch Emflo® KPS 200. This product gives very high water binding and a firmer texture than native potato starch and is preferred when higher cooking temperatures are used.

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Emflo® KPS 200

Native potato starch

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Emfibre® EF 60

Emfibre® EF 200

Emfibre® KF 200

Emfibre® KF 500

Emflo® KPS 200

Native potato starch

Emulsified and formed meat

Water binding & forming

For emulsified meat (sausages, canned meat) and in formed meat (meatballs, hamburgers), binding and forming properties are very important. The products should be easy to form, and should not be too sticky. During cooking, the products should not lose much moisture and fat in order to obtain meat products that are juicy and tasteful.

Native potato starch and modified potato starch Emflo® KPS 200 can be used to prevent cooking loss and provide a juicy texture.

For water binding under cold conditions, for example during forming, potato and pea fibers can be used. These fibers give a good consistency to meat products and due to their high water and fat binding loss of water and fat upon preparation is minimized, leading to juicy meat products. Emsland offers pea and potato fibers with different granule size.

Emsland Asia is selling tapioca products for this meat products. For more information, contact Emsland Asia.

Sea food


Starches are often used as binder and texturizer in seafood, especially in surimi. This type of seafood has typical elastic gelled texture which is not easy to obtain with starches.

By nature, potato starch has high gel strength that tends to have some elastic behavior compared to other starches. Emes® EE is the preferred choice for sea food.

Also pea starch has a natural tendency to gel due to its increased amylose content. Emden® ESH 15 is a modified pea starch with high gelling powder that gives a texture very suitable for surimi type food

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Emden® ESH 15

Emes® EE


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Meat, Poultry and Seafood
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