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In its publication ‘Plant-based Revolution’, the market research institute, Innova Market Insight, describes one of the main trends of the year 2020 in the food industry.


The Emsland Group successfully took part in the awards process of the Berufsgenossenschaft für Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (Professional Association for Food and Hospitality – BGN).

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With another forward-looking cooperation, the Emsland Group presents its work with the American company JUST (Eat JUST, Inc.). The

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The Emsland Group is delighted to announce its new strategic partnership with Brenntag Food & Nutrition in Russia.


Ms Gina Rosas Gonzáles was awarded the Sponsorship prize of the Bakers’ Guild Berlin during the 49th scientific information seminar of the Berlin-Brandenburg Society for Cereal Research (Berlin-Brandenburgische Gesellschaft für Getreideforschung) in Berlin.

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In the last few weeks three new division managers joined the Emsland Group’s Food division.

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In this edition of our Emsland Innovation News you get informed about current projects, personnel changes and the latest equipment within our Emsland Innovation Germany, the Innovation Centre of the Emsland Group.


"You will not be able to work with that hand any more," thought Martin Tabeling, when he saw his left hand crushed after the accident at work. He was right about his hand: the maintenance technician now has an artificial limb in its place. Nevertheless, he still does his job at Emsland Food GmbH.


Official statement: In light of the ongoing COVID-19 health situation, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone Vitafoods Europe 2020 until 1-3 September 2020.

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The Emsland-Stärke AG holding company’s 17th Annual General Meeting saw a full house at Mep-pener Gasthof Kamp at the end of January 2020. A good 300 participants made the trip to hear about the development of the 2018/19 financial year from the executive board and about the current financial year from management.

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For years, the Emsland Group has relied on the concept of training and further education—and not just for young professionals. As it relates to its globally active agencies, ongoing training serves as an important component when it comes to business relationships.

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The Emsland Group organized an in-house soccer evening last week. With 21 participants from the company lab, administration, Emsland Service, and research and development, the colleagues were indeed keen to play.

The R&D department has worked with the Marketing department to come up with nine new videos aimed at providing a detailed look at the process of creating innovative product solutions.

Sustainability Report

The sustainability report “Using Nature to Create” is the first sustainability report brought out by the Emsland Group. With this report, we would like to offer our customers, suppliers, co-workers and the broader population living in and around our production locations and cultivation areas some key insight into how we handle our most important resource: nature.