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Glass fiber sizing

Glass fiber sizing

Binding & ash content

The glass fiber industry is a growing and developing market. The filaments in the glass fiber threads improve in strength and become finer and finer. Sizing of the filaments is very important to strengthen the glass fiber threads. The sizing agent should have good binding power and tack and a low ash content. It should form flexible films, be easy to apply and remove without any residues.


Emsland Group offers modified pea and potato starches for glass fiber sizing. The Emglass® starches have a good balance between adhesion and cohesion, low ash content and due to the low glass transition temperature form a flexible layer leading to flexible glass threads.

Depending on the requirements, our application specialists can help you to find the right product for your application. Contact us for more information.

Product highlights

Emglass® E 25 S

Emglass® KE 125 S

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