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Paper sack adhesive

Drying time & splashing

There are many different type of paper bags but they all have similar requirements for the glue: a stable viscosity up to three days, strong long-lasting adhesion with short drying time and no penetration of the paper. As the modern industry uses high-speed machines, a low splashing value is a must. Preferably the paper sack glue is based on a natural source, similar to the paper bag!


Emsland Group offers Emcol® standard and premium paper sack adhesives based on potato starch. These can be used to produce sustainable and biodegradable adhesives for all types of manufacturing equipment e.g. low to high speed bottomers and tubers and for different types of paper regardless of weight and porosity.

Product highlights

Emcol® KMB 30

Paper-based adhesive tape

Renewable resource

The paper-based adhesive tape is a growing market segment due to the growth of home deliveries of consumer goods varying from food to electronic material and clothes. When using paper based tape instead of plastic tape, the box can be completely recycled.

Emsland offers Emsol® K 110, a potato starch based adhesive agent for paper-based adhesive tape. Based on a renewable resource this adhesive fits perfect in this application.

Textile sleeve adhesive

As a true standard for adhesion of paper, Emcol® CK 5 also works excellent as textile cone adhesive.

Product highlights

Emcol® CK 5

Product highlights

Emcol® KVH 625 plus

Emcol® KVH 625

Emcol® UKH/N

Wallpaper adhesive


With the recent completion of a 750-square-meter building that holds new roller drying units with autoclaves, nicknamed ‘WaltrAut’, the Emsland Group has a modern facility dedicated to the production of products for the wallpaper adhesive industry.

Tack & bonding strength

A continuing trend is that the adhesive is no longer applied to the wallpaper but to the wall.


Starches are the ideal starting material for the production of wallpaper glue. Based on renewable raw materials Emcol® modified starches can fullfill the requirements of wall paper adhesives.