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Instant noodles

Texture & hydration

Instant noodles is a precooked and dried noodle hat is prepared by soaking in boiling water before eating. Therefore, easy hydration and a good water holding capacity is very important. The typical texture of instant noodles is elastic and slippery. The main ingredient for instant noodles is wheat flour that gives a short texture to the noodles. Easy hydration as well as the typical elastic texture are challenging to obtain with wheat flour.

Native potato starch or modified potato starch Emes® EE are commonly used to enhance the gelling properties and hydration of the noodle. The gelling properties give the noodle the typical elastic and slippery texture.

Product highlights

Emes® EE

Native PS 2100

Native potato starch

Glass noodles

Cost effective texture

Glass noodles or cellophane noodles are typical thin noodles that have a high transparency and elastic chew. They are traditionaly made with mung bean starch which is a relatively expensive starch source.

As mung bean starch and pea starch are similar in composition, native pea starch is a very suitable and cost-effective starch to replace mung bean starch in glass noodles.

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Native pea starch

Frozen and chilled noodles

Texture & shelf life

Frozen and chilled noodles are elastic thick noodles that are first cooked to an optimum state of cooking and subsequently chilled or frozen. These noodles are ready-to-use and just need heating in boiling water for less than 1 minutes in the case of chilled noodles and somewhat longer in the case of frozen noodles. The challenge for these noodles is to maintain the elastic non-sticky texture during shelf life.


Modified potato starch Emden® KH 15 is a very efficient modified potato starch to maintain the texture of frozen and chilled noodles.

Product highlights

Emden® KH 15


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