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Emden® ET 50

Emden® ET 15

Emes® KSA 1502

Emox® C70S

Jellies & gums

Gelatin replacement & plant-based

The use of starches in jellies and gums is well known in the industry. Standard gelling starches are used to replace part of the expensive gelatin that is traditionally used in these applications.

The popularity of plant-based foods has led to a demand for starches that can be used to develop 100% gelatin-free products


Next to standard gelling starches Emox® C70S and Emes® KSA 1502, Emsland Group has developed Emden® ET 15 and Emden® ET 50 that offer our customers the ability to develop plant-based gums and jellies. Next to this, the Emden® ET-starches have the advantage of being thermostable. Whereas gelatin already melts at 40 °C, products with Emden® ET do not melt up to 80 °C. This is an advantage in certain warm regions and in hot summers!

Chewable confectionary & marshmallows

Gelatin replacement & plant based

Also in this confectionery category, gelatin replacement is on the top of mind of producers.


Emden® ET 15 can be used to partially replace gelatin in chewable confectionery and marshmallows. In combination with functional vegetable proteins, plant-based products can be obtained.

Product highlights

Emden® ET 15

Extruded confectionary


One of the largest challenges in extruded confectionery is to develop allergen-free products. In extruded confectionery often wheat flour is used, containing gluten. Wheat flour leads to a short texture, the products are not clear and there is a grainy off-taste.


Emsland Group has developed Empure® ES 300 and Emden® ET 15 for the development of gluten-free extruded confectionery. These products are based on potato and pea and have excellent texture and flavor characteristics.

Product highlights

Emden® ET 50

Empure® ES 300

Coated confectionary

Production Speed

A typical example for coated confectionery is the Jelly Bean. Jelly Beans are characterized by a short bite and are commonly produced with gelling starches. These starches need to be fast-gelling in order to speed up production and save energy costs of drying time.

Emden® ESH 15 is a fast gelling modified pea starch. It gives a very fast set and an excellent short texture.

Product highlights

Emden® ESH 15


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