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Plant-based protein

Plant-based protein is playing an ever more important role in our diet. The focus here is on issues such as sustainability and awareness when it comes to animal products. People are aligning with these trend and increasing the number of people adopting vegetarian or vegan diets. Others, on the other hand, are adopting a flexitarian diet, consciously choosing to eat less meat.
On top of this are the other demands being placed on the raw materials used in our food. Alongside the sustainability aspect, these include issues such as non-GMO and allergens.

Protein Power

With the Empro® E – Range, the Emsland Group is offering solutions based on pea protein.
Pea proteins are derived from plants and have a significantly better ecological footprint than animal proteins such as meat, milk and eggs. The raw material we use in our pea protein is peas grown in Europe, and we can therefore guarantee that they have not been genetically modified.
In the plant-based protein field, the market is currently dominated by soya and wheat products. These proteins are however classed as allergens in many countries, which is why numerous consumers are turning instead to alternative protein sources. Pea proteins and our Empro® E-products, on the other hand, are not classed as major allergens.
With our Empro® E – range, we can serve these trends. These products can be used in a wide variety of areas