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The idyllic village of Wietzendorf is located in the beautiful Lüneburg Heath. Surrounded by forests and extensive moors, Wietzendorf is characterized by its recreational offerings. The proximity to destinations such as the Heidepark Soltau, the Vogelpark Walsrode and the Serengeti Park Hodenhagen, as well as the possibility to see heathland sheep grazing in a few-minutes’ drive, draws thousands of tourists every year and makes life here a countryside dream. Most visitors camp at Wietzendorf’s South Lake Camp in tents, caravans or cottages. More than 5,000 guests are able to find a comfortable place to while away and a large selection of leisure activities. From horseback riding to mini golf, to climbing park and indoor swimming pool, all the way up to the choice of several restaurants and cafes – all this is offered on the premises of the South Sea Camp.
The people of Wietzendorf are especially known for their open and hospitable nature. This can be experienced in person at the annual honey festival. With over 100 beekeepers who have more than 500 bee colonies, Wietzendorf has truly earned the nickname ‘the honey village’. All the honey delicacies and Lower Saxony cuisine can be tasted firsthand during the festival.
Due to the terrific location within the “tri-city area” of Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen, unlimited cultural and leisure offerings are available to you within a short driving distance. You can explore the region by taking advantage of several hiking and biking trails.
The arrangement of the various outdoor villages provides a wide range of accommodations. Living in a secluded location is just as possible as living in close proximity to daycare centers, kindergartens, elementary schools and other schools of higher education.


Due to its central location, residents of the beautiful honey village of Wietzendorf can easily make day trips to exciting cities such as Hamburg, Lüneburg, Hanover and Bremen. The landscape of the Lüneburg Heath invites you to hike and bike all year round.