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Potato starch, Modified potato starch & Dextrins

Potato starch, Modified potato starch & Dextrins

Potato starch has unique properties that makes it different from other commercial starches. Potato starch consists of approximately 80 % amylopectin and 20 % amylose. The starch granules of potato starch are relatively large and oval-shaped. The starch molecules are different from other sources as the average molecular weight and the average chain length are relatively high. Next to that, the amylopectin contains small phosphate side groups. All these characteristics give potato starch its unique features and benefits.

Next to native potato starch, the portfolio of Emsland Group potato starch consist of modified starches to provide the right functionality and stability for the end application. Native and modified potato starches are also available as cold water swelling variant. Our Empure® functional starches are produced by use of clean label technologies; these products do not have an E-number.

FeaturesBenefits & examples
High viscosity and water binding

Low use levels in various food and technical applications

Excellent binding and adhesion properties

Very suitable for example for snacks, building  and paper adhesives

Low gelatinization temperature

Functional at low temperatures, easy to cook for instant soups & sauces, instant noodles

Good clarity

Excellent shine through for clear soups, fruit fillings, confectionery

Elastic gel building

Suitable texture for confectionery, cheese, noodles

Low protein and fat content

Low taste profile, very pure starch

Good film forming

Ideal for coating in food and technical applications such as French fry coating, paper, textile and glass fiber sizing

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