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Pea starch & Modified pea starch

Pea starch & Modified pea starch

Emsland Groups produces pea starch from yellow peas and other then the name implies, the starch is completely white. Pea starch is a medium high amylose starch; it consists of approximately 65-70% amylopectin and 30-35% amylose. The high amylose content makes pea starches more stable against temperature, shear and pH and more difficult to cook and dissolve. Solutions of pea starch are cloudy and creamy and upon cooling form firm gels. The granules of pea starch are relatively small.

The Emsland portfolio consists of native and modified pea starches to fulfill the needs and requirements of the industry. Native and modified pea starches are also available in cold water soluble variant. Our Empure® functional starches are produced by use of clean label technologies; these products do not have an E-number.

FeaturesBenefits & examples
Functional at higher temperatures (but no jet cooking required)

Relatively stable against high temperature, pH and shear resulting in a more stable starch cook and viscosity

Medium viscosity and expansion

Texture and expansion regulator, suitable for many food applications

High gel strength

Preferred in gelled food such as glass noodles, confectionery and as binder in meat analogues

Fast gelling

Clear fit for confectionery, cheese

Pure starch

Low taste profile, no off-flavors

Excellent film forming

Ideal for coating in food and technical applications

Medium to small granule size

Ideal for applications where small granules are required but no dusting