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Pea Protein

Pea Protein

Yellow Peas of 23-25% of protein that can be isolated from the pea fruit juice that is left after starch and fibers are taken out. Pea protein is a high value protein with an good balance of amino acids. When a mild extraction process is used a highly functional protein can be obtained.

Emsland Group has developed a range of functional pea protein isolates Empro® for food applications. The Empro® range can be used as protein source or as functional ingredient in various food applications. The pea protein isolate consist of minimal 84% protein.

Emsland Group has also developed Empet® coagulated pea proteins for pet food applications.

Empro® E 86

Standard functional pea protein for protein fortification in various food applications

Empro® E 86 HV

High viscous functional protein for texturized proteins

Empro® E 86 LS

Low sodium functional protein with good flowing properties for texturized proteins

Empro® E 86 F30

Fine particle functional pea protein for dairy alternatives and sport nutrition

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