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Employee Catering

Most of our sites have their own canteen for a balanced diet. At the sites without a canteen, there are delivery services that cater to our employees. Fresh fruit is always available for a healthy snack in between meals.

Employee Gifts

On special occasions such as the birth of a child or their own wedding, we give our employees a small surprise. This is handed over by the works council — we are happy with our employees!

Health Management

To ensure the health of our employees, we offer company medical care that covers preventive examinations or vaccinations, for example, as well as psychological counseling. Company fitness with EGYM Wellpass, company sports and health days are fixed components of our health services.


30 days of vacation are standard with us. But that’s not all — we also grant our employees special leave days for personal occasions such as their own wedding, the birth of a child or relocation.


The Emsland Group is an international company. Our workforce is as broadly based as our sales region. Employees with over 30 different nationalities enrich our team and ensure an exciting cultural exchange.

Family Friendliness

We offer flexible working hours to help employees balance family and career. Depending on the location and the collective agreement, the weekly working hours range from 37 to 39. For salaried employees, flexitime applies between 6:00 am – 6:00 pm. However, we also offer various working time/part-time models for our industrial employees, depending on availability. In addition, there is a childcare allowance, the option of working from a home office depending on the area of deployment, and a working time account with the option of converting existing credit into free time.

Special Payments

In addition to attractive, performance-related wage and salary models, we pay our employees fixed special payments. These include a fixed Christmas bonus and vacation pay, and we also pay our employees’ account management fees.

Company Parties

In order to ensure good togetherness, we regularly organize employee parties. These include annual summer parties, family celebrations, anniversary parties, reunions of former Emsland Group employees and trainee days for a fun way to get to know each other at the start of training.

Modern Workplaces

We provide our employees with state-of-the-art workstations and materials for efficient work. This includes not only an ergonomically designed office workstation, but also high-quality IT equipment, individually fitted safety shoes, modern tools and safe work clothing.

Retirement Provision

Since the thought of old age is often neglected, we work together with our employees to provide for additional retirement benefits. This includes an attractive company pension plan, which we subsidize as an employer on a pro-rata basis and with a fixed annual contribution. In addition, we pay our employees capital-forming benefits that can be used to build up an additional pension.

Further Training Opportunities

To make our employees fit for the professional challenges of the future, we rely on a broad program of internal and external opportunities for individual training — because learning is a lifelong process.

Length of Service

Satisfied employees stay and we are proud of that. It is not uncommon for us to celebrate work anniversaries of over 30 years with the company, and we have also been able to celebrate almost 50-year anniversaries.