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21. February 2023


The Emsland-Service-GmbH celebrated the successful completion of the training of five former apprentices and at the same time future colleagues.

After two and a half years of training in the company, Leon Wilde (Industrial Mechanic), Rene Klinge (Electronics Technician), Florian Egberink, Lenny Budde and Marvin Kuiper (Mechatronics Technician) were absolved in a convivial round by workshop managers Maik Hessels and Daniel van Uelsen, training manager Uwe Plass, works council chairman Stephan Agnes and the managing director of Emsland-Service-GmbH Dr.-Ing. Martin Grüne with warm words.

Together they reviewed the training in the form of speeches and personal anecdotes. With the graduation, the first foundation stone had been laid and now it is in the hands of the former trainees whether more stones are to be laid. In any case, one thing is clear: the five are far from finished with their training. The training was the basis, but the real learning is just beginning. Whether in the form of further training, a degree or work on construction sites — the Emsland Group offers many opportunities, emphasizes Dr.-Ing. Martin Grüne.

A special highlight of the apprenticeship was the participation in the video clip competition of the IHK and IAV, in which the former apprentices made a short film about their apprenticeship on their own initiative. Their commitment was rewarded with 1st place.

The trainers are particularly proud of their new colleagues. They praised the eagerness, commitment and motivation of the young men. The personal impression is also reflected in the results of the training. All of them did super, and the three Mechatronics Technicians were rewarded with a further training scholarship for achieving at least 87%. Florian Egberink even belongs to the three best examiners in the district with 93% and the grade “very good”. Everyone present agrees — Leon, Rene, Florian, Lenny and Marvin are sought-after skilled workers about whom the Emsland-Service-GmbH is extremely pleased!

t. f. l.: Stephan Agnes, Uwe Plass, Dr.-Ing. Martin Grüne, Daniel van Uelsen, Maik Hessels
b. f. l.: Marvin Kuiper, Leon Wilde, Florian Egberink, Lenny Budde, Rene Klinge