Potatoes are one of the oldest foods in the world and belong to the group of tuberous plants. Potatoes were introduced for agriculture from South America and cultivated in Europe. Since 1928, potatoes have been “raw material No. 1” for the Emsland Group.


The Emsland Group has a wide assortment of potato-based products including a variety of potato flakes and granulates as well as potato flour and pea starch. Depending on the field of application and requirements, the Emsland Group’s products are used as binding and thickening agents in order to optimize the textural and stability characteristics of the end product while increasing shelf life.


The Emsland Group offers a large assortment for wholesale and retail trade as well. From classic mashed potatoes to miniature dumplings with a colorful pepper coating, from single portions in stand-up pouches to 10 kg in boxes, a wide array of product and packaging varieties are offered.


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French fries

In addition to a comprehensive range of coatings, the Emsland Group offers both clean label and modified starches. Using a different method, French fries can be produced from potato puree or potato granulate. For this product, called rasp potatoes, the Emsland Group offers a variety of potato flakes and granulates. Implementing the Emsland Group’s coating system, optimal synergies can be achieved for French fries and potato wedges.


Croquettes und fried grated potatoes

Our product assortment for croquettes and fried grated potatoes encompasses an array of special potato flakes that are used because of their good taste and consistency characteristics. In addition to potato flakes and granulates, the Emsland Group also offers native and cold-swelling starches based on potatoes and peas for binding, shaping and stabilizing during cooking and frying as well as for storage.


Dumplings and gnocchi

When it comes to dumplings and gnocchi, the Emsland Group’s special potato flakes can optimize countless properties in the end product. In addition to optimal water-binding quality, they improve taste and consistency. Beyond potato flakes and granulates, the Emsland Group also offers native, cold-swelling and modified potato flours and pea starches that enable improved processing, good consistency and shaping for end products.


Potato puree

The Emsland Group has a range of Emgranules® and Emflakes® that can be used for a variety of potato purees and mashed potatoes. These fresh potato flakes, carefully produced from the region, ensure natural enjoyment and potato taste.


Retail products

The Emsland Group provides customized solutions for retailers through its own distribution company, Mecklenburger Kartoffelveredlung GmbH. The Emsland Group is distinguished by more than 40 years of experience with products for wholesale and retail trade as well as expertise from more than 20 years in the production of independent brands and co-packing.


Airy and creamy mashed potatoes, as well as other variations such as dumplings, are just some of the tasty dishes available. The broad assortment offers a variety of enjoyments according to traditional methods.


Under the brand ‘Mecklenburger Küche’, the group presents its particular capabilities when it comes to potato products for culinary establishments and end consumers. More information on the brand can be found at