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Potato Products

Flakes and Granules

The flake portfolio of Emsland Group consists of products differing in preparation method (LL, low leach or FP, full processed), particle size, reducing sugar content, additives and color. To find out more about the flake and granule process and the differences between the products, see Link.

Emsland Group has also developed clean label flakes for mashed potatoes, gnocchi and different other applications. Empure® KF 1100 is a course product, while Empure® KF 1500 is finer.

Mashed potato and puree

Texture & consistency

Customer requirements for mashed potato and puree requirements can be very different, depending on the desired texture, for example, pulpy or smooth, or consistency.

The wide-ranging Emflake® potato ingredient portfolio and the expertise of Emsland Group will help our customers finding the right potato flake to fulfill the requirements of mashed potato and puree.

Product highlights

Emflake® 3806

Emflake® 3824

Formed potato specialties

Fast set & form stability

Formed potato specialties, such as rösti, are made from potato puree. The forming can be challenging, as the potato puree should have a fast and firm set before the products can be baked and frozen. The variety of size and shape that is produced nowadays demand a good form stability.


Emsland Group has developed Emflake® 3913 potato flake and Emjel® EP 200 and clean label Empure® KJEL 200 starches that support and facilitate the forming process and gives a good set and texture.

Product highlights

Emflake® 3913

Empure® KJEL 200

Emjel® EP 200

Product highlights

Empure® EJEL 100

Emflake® 3815

Potato croquettes

Form stability & leak prevention

Similar to formed potato specialties, also for potato croquettes the forming can be challenging, as the potato puree should set first before the products are battered, breaded and pre-fried. Next to that, the ingredients for the puree should prevent leakage or bursting during frying of the frozen potato croquette.


Potato flakes are important ingredients for potato croquettes. Emsland Group offers Emflake® 3815 for potato croquettes and has also developed Empure® EJEL 100, a specialty pea starch for this application. Due to the inherent gelling properties of pea starch, a fast set can be achieved that remains stable during frying and prevents leakage or bursting of the croquette.

Gnocchi and potato dumplings

Texture & bite

German potato dumplings or ‘Knödel’ are large dumplings that can be prepared by using a blend of potato flakes, starches, flour and binding agents. The second variety of German dumplings contains breadcrumbs with additional spices/ingredients and has the German name ‘Semmelknödel’. Gnocchi is a typical Italian potato small dumpling.

Dumplings are prepared by addition to boiling water and then simmer in the water until done. The ready product should have a short and non-sticky texture without losing starch into the cooking water. After cooking, the product should have a firm texture with a good bite.


The combination of Emflake® potato flakes and Emjel® instant modified potato starches will provide the ideal potato-based solution for potato dumplings. For gnocchi, ingredients with a smaller particle size are preferred as in general gnocchi dough should be more homogeneous.

Product highlights

Emjel® P1373

Emjel® P

Emflake® 3910

Emflake® 3960


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Potato Products
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