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Potato flakes and potato granules are being used more and more as food ingredients or additives by many food manufacturers.


There are actually two main types of potato flakes produced:


Full process flakes

These kind of flakes have a low free starch content as well as a pulpy consistency


Low leach flakes

The low leach flakes have a high free starch content with high water binding capacity and sticky texture.



Both shows functionality as a stabilized cold swelling binder and texturizer with expansion regulation of:

• pulpy texture (full process), pasty texture (low leach)

• excellent textures in snack application such as crispy, crunchy, soft and hard

• typical taste and flavour in application

• optimal dough building and expansion

• white or yellow colour


Potato flakes are mainly used in the following segments:

• snacks

• soups and sauces

• bakery products

• potato products


One-Stop-Shopping with Emsland Group


Emsland Group is a worldwide leading company in the production of dehydrated potato products. With its Emflake®-types Emsland Group provides the best potato flake solution. Furthermore only Emsland Group offers the complete range for the production of snack-products by processing flakes, granules and starch (modified, pre-gelatinised and native starch).


Besides this, Emsland Group also provides clean label potato flakes.