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Textile sizing

Weaving performance

During the production of textile products, the yarns are woven with high speed. Therefore, yarn sizing is an important step in the preparation of textile products to protect the yarns against breakage. The sizing agent should allow good weaving performance and it should be easy to remove. Next to that, costs is an important factor.


Emsland Group offers cost-in-use effective Emsize® modified pea and potato starches for different types of yarns. These sustainable products facilitate good weaving performance and are easy to remove.

Product highlights

Emsize® E 9

Emsize® E 18

Emsize® CMS 60

Emsize® E 20

Textile finishing

Grip & firmness

Textile finishing agents are used to give the textile product, such as tablecloths, firmness or grip after washing. This firmness leads to less damage of the textile product but also allows for easier further processing such as ironing or pressing.


Emsland Group offers Empre® KST and Emcol® HE potato starches for textile finishing that dissolve fast and are easy to use. Different options are possible depending on the desired grip.

Product highlights

Empre® KST

Emcol® HE

Textile printing

Rheology & bleeding

For textile printing the thickener system is a crucial component of a print paste. The thickener gives the print paste the required rheology to be able to apply the color uniformly and evenly. Next to that it should hold the color in place so that it can be used next to another color without bleeding.


Emsland Group offers Emprint® CE corn-based starch ethers for textile print pastes. They have the desired quality in terms of rheology, increases the brilliance of the colours and increaases the sharpening of the colours.

Product highlights

Emprint® CE fein

Emprint® CE