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Construction additives

General construction additives

Binding & workability

Building materials are mixes of natural and synthetic materials with challenging properties that must be adapted to the needs of the user. Desirable properties are, for example, a good binding capacity, a long open time and a rheology that ensures good workability.

Starch ethers are commonly used as construction additives that can influence all these important aspects.


Emsland Group has a portfolio of starch ethers with the brand name Emset® that offers our customers the right product for their needs.

The Emset® product range has the following application characteristics:
Improved flow properties
Improved open time
Improved strength values
Improved surface quality
Improved workability
Sustainable raw material (potato-based)

Product highlights

Emset® KH 6

Emset® KVH 16

Emset® KH 2

Gypsum-based plaster

High solubility

Next to the general constructive additive requirements, gypsum-based plasters require a high solubility of the starch ethers.


For this application, Emsland Group has developed Emset® KHP 6. This product has a very fine particle size and an improved solubility. In combination with cellulose derivatives, this ingredient has a synergistic effect on the workability and stability of the plaster.

Depending on the other components and the requirements, our application specialists can help you to find the right product for your application. Contact us for more information.

Tile adhesives

Anti-slipping & workability

For tile adhesives, anti-slipping behavior is very important.


Emset® KH 6 is our golden standard for tile adhesives. It causes excellent anti-slipping behavior, extended open time and good workability.

Depending on the composition of the tile adhesive mix, Emsland Group also offers two other starch ether that differ in amount and type of etherification: Emset® KH 2 and Emset® KCH 16

Product highlights

Emset® KH 6

Emset® KCH 16

Emset® KH 2