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Meat Analogues

Product highlights

Emfibre® EF 200

Emfibre® KF 500

Emflo® KPS 200

Native pea starch

Native potato starch

Empro® E 86 HV

Empro® E 86

Texturized proteins

Dry texturized vegetable proteins (TVP’s) & Wet/high moisture meat analogues (HMMA)

Texture & nutrition

Dry and wet texturized vegetable proteins are the base for meat analogue products. These texturized proteins are produced using a special extrusion process where the structure of a protein is changed in such a way that it forms a fibrous texture*. Extruder conditions play an important role in obtaining the desired texture but also other ingredients such as the type of plant-based proteins, starches and fibers play an important role.
*Desired texture can be dependent on local preferences

Dry extrudates/TVP’s are produced with a very low moisture content. They must be hydrated before use to regain their fibrous/meat-like texture. These dry TVP’s are used, for example, in minced meat imitations and vegan burgers.

Wet extrudates/HME are manufactured with high moisture content. In these products, the fibrous/meat-like texture is formed in a special cooling die, which is added after the extrusion process. The products are used, for example, in vegan cut meat (such as gyros), chicken analogues or products similar to cured meat.


Emsland Group has developed a range of Empro® functional pea proteins that serves as protein source in texturized proteins. Next to that, native pea and potato starch and Emflo® KPS 200 can be used to facilitate the extrusion process and obtain sufficient and even expansion. An improved firm and fibrous texture can be obtained by adding Emfibre® pea or potato fibers.

Binding agents

Texture & forming properties

Plant-based products, such as vegan burgers or sausages, require binding agents to be able to form the products into the desired shape. These binding agents should also provide form stability under storage conditions and during preparation of the product. A challenge for binding agents is the texture of the end product at the consumption moment. The texture should be juicy but no too soft or mushy.


The texture of a plant-based sausage or burger can be supported by strong gelling starches. Both potato and pea starch are known for their good gelling properties: potato starch for its elastic gelling properties and pea starch for the fast gelling properties. Emsland Group has developed a range of modified Emden® gelling pea and potato starches to fulfill the texture requirement of meat analogues. Next to gelling starches Emsland Group also offers Emfix® K02, an emulsifying starch for emulsion gels as component for meat analogues.

Emsland Group also offers Emfibre® pea and potato fibers for meat analogues. These fibers have good water and fat binding properties that will prevent cooking loss and maintain a juicy texture of the end product.

Product highlights

Emfibre® EF 200

Emfibre® KF 200

Emfix® K 02

Emden® ESH 15

Empure® ES 300

Empure® KJEL 200


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Meat Analogues
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