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Dairy & Alternatives

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Dried native potato starch

Emfix® K02

Emflo® 991

Emes® KSA 1052

Emox® C70S

Processed cheeses & cheese analogues

Texture & Nutrition

The use of starches in processed cheese and cheese analogues is well known in the industry. Starches are used to provide the desired texture and characteristics such as shredding properties and melting. An economical texturizing solution is key to the success in this category.
The popularity of plant-based foods has led to increased popularity of vegan cheese within the processed cheese market. Vegan cheese is often made with nut milk, fat or oil, emulsifiers and texturizers. The challenge for vegan cheese is the nutritional profile as usually the level of protein is much lower than in dairy cheese.

The Emsland Group’s portfolio for processed cheese consists of traditional gelling starches Emox® C 70 S and Emes® KSA 1052 for partial replacement of caseinate. By using combinations with texturizing starch Emflo® 991 and emulsifying starch Emfix® K02, vegan recipes are possible with desired properties, including firmness, shredding behavior, melting properties and slicing ability of the cheese. Improving the nutritional profile can be done with Empro®, the functional pea protein product range of Emsland Group.
Next to these texturizing and nutritional solutions, Emsland Group offers a variety of dried potato starches with different moisture content as anti-caking agents, preventing cheese shreds from lumping.

Puddings & Desserts

Smooth & creamy

Ready-to-eat puddings and desserts are known for their spoonable texture, clear flavor and creamy consistency.


Instant potato starches are very popular and effective in ready-to-eat puddings and desserts. Emsland Group offers Emjel® instant modified potato starches as well as a clean label alternative Empure® KJEL 200
For bake stable cream fillings, see section Bakery.

Emsland Asia sells tapioca starches for this application. For more information contact Emsland Asia.

Product highlights

Empure® KJEL 200

Emjel® EP 300

Emjel® EP 200

Emjel® P

Product highlights

Empro® E 86 F 30

Nutritious Dairy Alternatives

Delicious & Nutritious

One of the biggest challenges in developing dairy alternatives is achieving a similar nutritional profile as their dairy counterparts, without the use of milk proteins.


In plant-based dairy, often, the nutritional values are a concern. That is why the Emsland groups has developed pea protein-enriched concepts for plant-based cheese, drinks and ice cream Due to its fine particle size, Empro® E 86 F 30 provides excellent mouthfeel and texture. Various recipes for plant-based drinks, ice cream and cheese have been developed where the protein content reaches levels of 5%.


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Dairy and Dairy Alternatives
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