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Local sourcing & safety

Consumers of animal products become more and more aware of what they eat and will continue to be assured that the feed that animals eat is safe and wholesome. Specific topics such as GMO also play a role here as this is not a world-wide accepted technology. For proteins there is an increasing pressure to replace global proteins (like soy beans) with less globalized ones.


The GMO-and low allergen pea and potato-based ingredients of Emsland Group are able to overcome these challenges. Two categories can be defined: dry and high moisture products. The dry products can be used by both feed mixers as well as farmers while the high moisture products are specfically targeting feed mixers that can handle these high moisture products.


Dry products

Pea protein dried

Potato protein dried

High moisture products

Pea fruit juice

Potato pieces

Pea pulp

Potato pulp