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The Hanseatic town of Kyritz is not only an attractive business location, but also a place of live and a popular tourist destination

Our town is widely known as “Kyritz on the (river) Knatter”. However, it is not the Knatter that flows through the town, but the Jäglitz. According to legend, the epithet comes from travelers who once stopped here on the Berlin–Hamburg postal route and were disturbed by the rattle and clatter of wooden mill wheels.

Kyritz is located in the district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin in the northwest of Brandenburg and is home to approximately 9,000 inhabitants in an area of 156 square kilometers.

About 800 companies provide jobs in a wide range of industries. Five kindergartens and numerous elementary schools, high schools, middle schools, and special-needs schools guarantee families the proper education for their children. And an active club, sports and cultural life guarantees a variety of opportunities for you to spend your free time in both a relaxing and eventful way.

Kyritz is located directly on Federal Highways 5 (Berlin-Hamburg) and 103 (Kyritz-Rostock). The main highway 14 is the most important traffic connection to the economic area Wittstock and connects to the Federal Highways 24 (Berlin-Hamburg) and 19 (Rostock).