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7. March 2024

29 chemical technicians receive graduation certificates

Graduation ceremony at the Emsland Group in Emlichheim

On Friday, March 1, 2024, the graduation ceremony for chemical technicians from the counties of Bentheim, Emsland and Osnabrück took place on the premises of the Emsland Group. 29 chemical technicians successfully completed their apprenticeship in summer 2023 and winter 2023/2024.

The graduates celebrated the completion of their apprenticeship together with Mr. Philipp Wellmann (representative of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)), Mr. Volker Suresch (Chairman of the Examination Board) and Mr. Sebastian Heile (class teacher BBS Lingen). In addition, various representatives of the Emsland Group and the different training companies were present.

All participants were warmly welcomed with a short speech by Mr. Jan Lambers-Heerspink, Head of Human Resources at the Emsland Group. The Chairman of the Examination Board, Mr. Volker Suresch, and IHK representative Mr. Philipp Wellmann then took the floor. All three congratulated the chemical technicians and gave the young adults words of motivation.

It was also emphasized that all candidates passed with at least a grade 3, which certainly speaks for the discipline and diligence of the former apprentices, but also for the training companies and vocational schools. Special thanks also went to the teachers, trainers and examiners.

The words of welcome were followed by a musical contribution from Maite Neerken, a dual student at the Emsland Group.  She played “Auf uns” by Andreas Bourani on her trumpet.

Finally, representatives of the examination board, Mr. Volker Suresch and Ms. Julia Eisenbraun, handed the certificates and a small gift from the Emsland Group to the graduates.

The class teacher at BBS Lingen, Mr. Heile, also took the opportunity to say a few personal words and honour the best students of the year, Kyra Schomakers and Nils Schwering. Both completed their apprenticeship with an average grade of 1.1. In conclusion, he praised his former students’ curiosity and motivated them to continue learning after their apprenticeship. He ended with a quote from Gerhart Hauptmann: “As soon as someone has become a master in one thing, he should become a student in another.”

After the ceremonial presentation of certificates, the Emsland Group invited to a buffet. The newly qualified chemical technicians were able to come together once again, raise a glass of sparkling wine and reflect on their apprenticeship. Finally, all those present were invited to take a tour of the Emsland Group.

Many thanks for the numerous participants in the graduation ceremony and all the best for the future to the trained chemical technicians!


Abdul Malik Katsivo, Jonas Lübben, Stefan Silbermann (Baerlocher GmbH), Lukas Briese, Silas Stein, Malte Markus, Daniel Frömming, Verena Pölker, Edwin Brungard, Titus Post, Timon Richter, Nils Schwering, Kyra Schomakers, Dana Sleimann (BP Europa SE), Fleur de Wacht, Philip Schmidtke (Covestro Resins (Germany) GmbH), Tom Großepieper, Julius Beck, Lina Esders, Leon Schomacker, Annika Buddenberg (Emsland-Stärke GmbH), Laurin Schröer, Tim Egbers, Oscar Strotmann (H&R Chemisch-Pharmazeutische Spezialitäten GmbH), David Greb (Huntsman (Germany) GmbH), Jannis Lenz, Fabienne Dresselmann, David Friesen, Ivan Gotfrid (REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH).