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21. May 2024


A History of Cooperation

The effects of successful agriculture can have a far-reaching impact within a society and ensure the positive development of rural regions.

Successful agriculture is of fundamental importance for the progress within a society. Progress and growth can only take place if basic needs are met. Agriculture therefore plays an important role in the development of a local economy, but is more dependent on the climate than any other sector. The unpredictable weather conditions of recent years pose a considerable financial risk for individual farms and pose major challenges for the entire process dependent on the raw material.

The key to stabilizing these turbulent times is close cooperation between farmer and factory.

The demand for potato products continues to grow worldwide. Thanks to a unique corporate structure in which farmers are both owners and suppliers, the Emsland Group has a very close relationship with its suppliers and can respond quickly to special challenges and events.

While the years 2018/2019 and 2022 were characterized by extreme drought and lower yields, extreme rainfall in 2023 led to a significant impairment in the quality and quantity of potatoes. Many farmers were unable to produce the planned quantities and had to deal with crop failures, fungal infestation and extreme harvest conditions.

In these extreme years, the Emsland Group offered its farmers support programs above and beyond the contractual agreements in order to mitigate the financial damage caused by these extreme events. Since 2018, this financial support from the company to its raw material suppliers has totaled around 100 million euros. This long-term cooperation with agricultural partners, who are closely involved in the decision-making process as owners, has proven its worth and is reflected in the mutual success.

Ensuring a positive outlook for potato cultivation and a sustainable supply of the company’s most important raw material is and remains the main focus of raw material purchasing. Other measures include supporting the supply of seed potatoes and working with breeders to develop disease- and weather-resistant varieties.

The potato is and remains the basis of the Emsland Group’s business model and the regional economy. Around 4,000 jobs in the rural region are linked to the company’s potato processing alone.

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