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9. September 2022

Emsland-Service comes first in this year’s photo and video clip competition of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

The apprentices at Emsland-Service-GmbH had already come 3rd in last year’s photo and video clip competition of the Industrial Employers’ Federation and of the Osnabrück – Emsland – Grafschaft Bentheim Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Now that result has been topped and first prize was awarded to the dedicated apprentices in a special ceremony in Osnabrück.

The prize winners were Florian Egberink (project management, presenter and editing), Joss Hemme (participant, planning support), Fynn Geerds (participant), Marvin Kuiper (participant, steering of the drone) and Maarten Elferink (participant). In addition to training officer Uwe Plass, the participants were also supported by the back-office team of Lenny Budde, Leon Klok, Justin Nyhoff, Leon Wilde, Lukas Leferink, Rene Stroeve, Kai Klokkers, Rene Klinge and Waqas Amjad.

A total of four apprenticeship professions were presented by audio-visual means – and at the same time, of course, the employer was showcased with a special pan shot by the drone. “The team also had the task of obtaining all the necessary permits on their own,” reports Plass.

For instance, the permission to film had to be agreed with Emsland-Stärke GmbH and the legal requirements checked. Who presents which profession, who writes the script, who says what – and all that in a maximum of three minutes. These were all the aspects that had to be considered. “That was a challenge that we almost met,” says Florian Egberink, smiling. Almost – because in actual fact the result was then ultimately 5:54 minutes long. However, its content was arguably so appealing that it convinced the jury.

We congratulate our apprentices on this great achievement!