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Author: cokramer

SiFa – BGN exchange of experience in Emlichheim

On 01.11.2022 the meeting of the safety specialists of the Technical Supervisory Service (TAD) of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association took place in Emlichheim. Everything revolved around the topic of safety. The participants got news experienced on the topics:

  • Working in containers and confined spaces
  • Working alone
  • Contractor management
  • Ignition of smoking chips
  • hot water injuries
  • annual health and safety briefings for foreign language employees, experience with software solutions
  • rescue from heights
  • CE – conformity

In addition, news or changes in regulations were reported and participants were able to exchange information with other safety experts in their industry. The subsequent tour of the production facility impressed all visitors very much impressed.

Thank you for your visit – we think it was a very successful day!

EmslandInnovation News 08.2022

In this edition of our Emsland Innovation News you get informed about current projects, personnel changes and the latest equipment within our Emsland Innovation Germany, the Innovation Centre of the Emsland Group.