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The Emsland-Service-GmbH celebrated the successful completion of the training of five former apprentices and at the same time future colleagues.

After two and a half years of training in the company, Leon Wilde (Industrial Mechanic), Rene Klinge (Electronics Technician), Florian Egberink, Lenny Budde and Marvin Kuiper (Mechatronics Technician) were absolved in a convivial round by workshop managers Maik Hessels and Daniel van Uelsen, training manager Uwe Plass, works council chairman Stephan Agnes and the managing director of Emsland-Service-GmbH Dr.-Ing. Martin Grüne with warm words.

Together they reviewed the training in the form of speeches and personal anecdotes. With the graduation, the first foundation stone had been laid and now it is in the hands of the former trainees whether more stones are to be laid. In any case, one thing is clear: the five are far from finished with their training. The training was the basis, but the real learning is just beginning. Whether in the form of further training, a degree or work on construction sites — the Emsland Group offers many opportunities, emphasizes Dr.-Ing. Martin Grüne.

A special highlight of the apprenticeship was the participation in the video clip competition of the IHK and IAV, in which the former apprentices made a short film about their apprenticeship on their own initiative. Their commitment was rewarded with 1st place.

The trainers are particularly proud of their new colleagues. They praised the eagerness, commitment and motivation of the young men. The personal impression is also reflected in the results of the training. All of them did super, and the three Mechatronics Technicians were rewarded with a further training scholarship for achieving at least 87%. Florian Egberink even belongs to the three best examiners in the district with 93% and the grade “very good”. Everyone present agrees — Leon, Rene, Florian, Lenny and Marvin are sought-after skilled workers about whom the Emsland-Service-GmbH is extremely pleased!

t. f. l.: Stephan Agnes, Uwe Plass, Dr.-Ing. Martin Grüne, Daniel van Uelsen, Maik Hessels
b. f. l.: Marvin Kuiper, Leon Wilde, Florian Egberink, Lenny Budde, Rene Klinge

EmslandInnovation News 01.2023

In this edition of our Emsland Innovation News you get informed about current projects, personnel changes and the latest equipment within our Emsland Innovation Germany, the Innovation Centre of the Emsland Group.

Partnership agreed between the Cloppenburg plant of Emsland Food GmbH and the bicycle workshop, Caritas-Verein Altenoythe e.V.!

Most workshops for people with disabilities are reliable partners for the private sector: They are well managed and have sufficient manpower. When technical equipment is available in a workshop, companies can outsource parts of their production. This means that wage and ancillary wage costs can be reduced. In addition, for the Caritas workshop it is good when they can offer their employees practical and meaningful work. This strengthens the self-confidence and self-esteem of people with disabilities. After all, they regularly also find external jobs in the private sector through their occupation in the workshops. Inclusion at work: All over Germany, around 310,000 people with disabilities who are excluded from the labor market due to a serious physical or mental impairment find work with the aid of around 760 workshops throughout the country.

The Cloppenburg plant of Emsland Food GmbH has opted for precisely such a partnership with the bicycle workshop, Caritas-Verein Altenoythe e.V., in 26169 Friesoythe.

The reason for this is quite simple:

In order to keep our company bicycles fully functional at all times, currently every employee has to maintain and, if necessary, repair their bike themselves. It became apparent that non-roadworthy bicycles were in use. This state of affairs was not acceptable or reasonable. That is why the plant management and the specialist for occupational safety saw room for action here. There are currently no additional resources or an in-house position that can take over the maintenance and repair of the bicycles.

In this case, everyone involved benefits from this special collaboration. This is also due to the legal situation.

For Andre Brinkman (plant management) and Jens Hohendorn (specialist for occupational safety) it is not decisive where and whom this service (bicycle maintenance and repair) comes from. The requirements of our company are important to us.

As with all other suppliers, the quality must of course be right. That is why the workshops work with modern equipment. This means the maintenance and repairs are as good as those provided by conventional workshops. “As is usual when evaluating suppliers, we had a look at the workshop in person. We do not make any distinction here,” says Hohendorn. Nevertheless, there are some special characteristics in the collaboration with this workshop. The company is located at close proximity to the plant; in this case, no further than a kilometer away from us.

A very important economic aspect results from the German Social Code: Once a company has more than a particular number of employees, it is required to have a specified number of people with disabilities in its workforce. However, many companies do not meet the statutory quota and therefore have to pay a compensatory levy. Companies that award contracts to workshops for people with disabilities can reduce or avoid these compulsory payments.

We look forward to working together with the bicycle workshop, Caritas-Verein Altenoythe e.V., in 26169 Friesoythe.

Emsland-Service comes first in this year’s photo and video clip competition of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

The apprentices at Emsland-Service-GmbH had already come 3rd in last year’s photo and video clip competition of the Industrial Employers’ Federation and of the Osnabrück – Emsland – Grafschaft Bentheim Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Now that result has been topped and first prize was awarded to the dedicated apprentices in a special ceremony in Osnabrück.

The prize winners were Florian Egberink (project management, presenter and editing), Joss Hemme (participant, planning support), Fynn Geerds (participant), Marvin Kuiper (participant, steering of the drone) and Maarten Elferink (participant). In addition to training officer Uwe Plass, the participants were also supported by the back-office team of Lenny Budde, Leon Klok, Justin Nyhoff, Leon Wilde, Lukas Leferink, Rene Stroeve, Kai Klokkers, Rene Klinge and Waqas Amjad.

A total of four apprenticeship professions were presented by audio-visual means – and at the same time, of course, the employer was showcased with a special pan shot by the drone. “The team also had the task of obtaining all the necessary permits on their own,” reports Plass.

For instance, the permission to film had to be agreed with Emsland-Stärke GmbH and the legal requirements checked. Who presents which profession, who writes the script, who says what – and all that in a maximum of three minutes. These were all the aspects that had to be considered. “That was a challenge that we almost met,” says Florian Egberink, smiling. Almost – because in actual fact the result was then ultimately 5:54 minutes long. However, its content was arguably so appealing that it convinced the jury.

We congratulate our apprentices on this great achievement!

Webinar: Special Coating for Home Delivery French Fries

The Emsland Group is presenting a webinar about coatings on 12 October at 4:00 p.m. CEST.

The focus of the presentation by our experts from the Research & Development department is the potato-based coating Embat® 11384, which is particularly well suited for french fries, such as those used in home delivery. When applied with our Embat® 11384 coating, french fries stay warm and crispy for longer, which is especially important if they still have to be delivered following preparation.

Use the following link to register for the webinar on 12 October at 4:00 p.m. free of charge:

Emsland Group in the USA at Two Events in September

Our colleagues from Emsland America Inc. will be at two separate events in the USA in September 2022.

From September 8 to 9, the Emsland Group will thus be taking part in the Plant Based Expo in New York, where, as the name itself already suggests, everything revolves around plant-based products. It’s a great opportunity for us to present some of our plant-based product solutions to visitors. For example, we’ll have our plant-based coffee whiteners with our pea protein isolate and nutrition bars with our potato dextrin as a binding agent on display. Our local experts look forward to speaking with visitors to the booth about the opportunities our plant-based ingredients can offer their applications.

You can find us at the Plant Based Expo in the Javits Center in New York at booth number 310.

Another event we’ll be participating in is the IBIE – International Baking Industry Exposition. It takes place from September 18 to 21 in Las Vegas and is considered the USA’s leading trade fair for everything having to do with baked goods and bakery products. The Emsland Group will be showcasing delicious vegan and gluten-free baked goods at the baking trade fair. Our plant fibers, proteins, starches, and dextrins offer a wide set of unique features to improve end products. Our team looks forward to showing you our new baking innovations for artisanal and industrial bakeries.

You can find us at the IBIE in Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas at booth number 7704.

Please also feel free to contact us in advance to set up an appointment. Further information is available at

General Meeting of the Affiliated Company Emsland-Stärke AG

Following the virtual General Meeting held last year onlibe, the 19th Annual General Meeting of the Affiliated Company Emsland-Stärke AG took place this year once again at the Altes Gasthaus Kamp in Meppen. Accordingly, 197 preferred shareholders of the Emsland-Stärke AG affiliated company could gain an impression of the previous business year in person.

The General Meeting was led by Mr. Lambert Vette, Deputy Chairman of the Board. Mr. Vette began by presenting the report of the Supervisory Board for the 2020/21 business year.

Next, in the report of the Executive Board, Mr. Gerrit-Jan Wesselink discussed first the individual financial statement of the company and then the consolidated statement for the corporate group for the 2020/21 business year. He explained the trend in sales (a minus of 1.0%) and the EBIT margin, which was lower than in the previous years. The causes for this were, in particular, lower selling prices, higher amortization and higher outlays for energy. As in the previous years, the equity base of the Emsland Group continued to improve in the 2020/21 business year.

Another member of the Executive Board of Emsland-Stärke AG, Dr. Hausmann, reported on the current significant legal affairs of the Group.

At the end of the first part of the event, the General Meeting itself, the proposals for the appropriation of the net profit for the 2020/21 business year were accepted by a vote and the members of the Supervisory Board and Executive Board were granted discharge from liability.

In the second part of the event, the directors gave an overview of the trends in the current 2021/22 business year. First, alongside the budget targets and current earnings performance, Mr. Gerrit-Jan Wesselink (CEO) provided an overview of the investments and financing. In the campaign report that followed he discussed first the challenges posed by rising prices, and those of energy, fertilizer, and crop protection products in particular. After presenting the volume developments for potatoes he discussed the significantly higher payout prices for potatoes in the coming 2022/23 business year with which the cultivation was to be secured.

In the presentations that followed on the markets for Emsland-Stärke GmbH, Mr. Christian Kemper (CSO) then gave a comprehensive overview of native starches and derivatives on the basis of potatoes and peas. The counterpart to this then followed on the flake and granule market.

Finally, Mr. Stefan Hannemann (COO) reported on the Operations division. He discussed the extensive investments being made in the Emsland Group sites. Particularly salient here is the reconstruction of the autoclave plant in Emlichheim, begun in the previous year.

The atmosphere at the event was very good overall and trust in the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board and the management was evident. At the end of the 3-hour meeting, the participants could then enjoy a rich buffet while reviewing the content of the highly informative presentations in conversation and exchange.

28 Trainees begin at the Emsland Group

On August 1, 2022, we were once again able to welcome numerous trainees to the Emsland Group. A total of 28 young colleagues started their training at our sites, 16 of them at the headquarters in Emlichheim. In addition to a dual course of study, this year’s apprenticeships include industrial clerks, warehouse logistics specialists, chemical technicians, chemical laboratory technicians, electronics technicians and mechatronics technicians.

Jan Lambers-Heerspink, Human Resources Manager of the Emsland Group, welcomed the new employees to their first training day. He provided an overview of the development of the Emsland Group and highlighted the many advantages and opportunities that the group of companies offers its trainees:
• A familiar working atmosphere in an international company
• Comprehensive support during the apprenticeship and up to the preparation for the exams
• A high rate of further employment
• A wide range of career and job opportunities
• A highly motivated team of trainers

Mr. Lambers-Heerspink emphasized that the culture of the Emsland Group is based on sustainability and a long-term approach. Employment of over 30 or 40 years is not uncommon in the company. He concluded introductory presentation with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Investing in knowledge still yields the best interest,” and the message not to focus too much on short-term profit.

The agenda for the day also included an introduction to safety and company standards as well as getting to know the works council. Trainees enjoyed a lunch together with their future trainers before heading off to their respective departments.
We wish the trainees at all our locations a great start!

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