All business activities are distinguished by a strong focus on the customer. Our aim is to meet the specific needs and expectations of our customers, contract farmers, shareholders as well as our employees and other associated parties.

Our operational processes are continually checked for their optimization potential and supported by integrated processes and systems. Compliance with all relevant regulatory provisions is just as firmly anchored in our company as is the ambition to achieve the highest possible product safety while constantly providing high feed and food quality. Our products are produced without the use of genetically modified plants and are free from genetically modified genetic substances. Conserving resources, continuously minimizing and preventing pollution as well as occupational health and safety standards are therefore all of equally high importance. We use our Integrated Management System for quality, safety, health, energy and the environment as an instrument for continuously improving all of our services and activities across the value chain.

A well-trained, highly motivated team of employees contributes significantly to achieving our goals and thus to the success of the entire company.


The foundation for all measures that strengthen our market position are based on the following principles:

  • Our employees are personally committed to quality, occupational safety, energy and environmental requirements. They are actively involved in the ongoing improvement of our services. To this end, we regularly set new goals and make sure to implement them.
  • For decades, we have been gaining knowledge through our proven products as well as developments in product innovation and are constantly involved in a process of growth. Our focus is always on new findings regarding health and environmental protection, energy technology and safety.
  • A competent design and technology team successfully meets the challenge of integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies into mature and proven structures. In our production process, the safe handling of products and residual materials is guaranteed. A proven reduction of emissions and waste quantities is simultaneously achieved through efficiently using material and energy.
  • All products are manufactured in compliance with the valid hygiene regulations and, like semi-finished and finished products, are subject to constant inspections by the company's internal quality control.
  • Occupational Health and Safety has a high level of importance to us. Identifying and preventing possible risks, hazard control, plant safety as well as occupational health and safety are subject to systematic, ongoing improvements.
  • Our employees are aware of their personal responsibility for your health. We support this through implementing specific measures and programs aimed at promoting, maintaining and restoring health.
  • Through education and training, we develop our employees’ awareness and empower them to successfully implement our business principles. Skills and motivation are supported by a wide range of educational and training plans.
  • Open communication with our employees, customers and suppliers as well as with authorities, neighbors and the public ensures transparency and creates mutual trust. Important incentives and ideas for developing the company can therefore be achieved.
  • We consider compliance with legal regulations for quality, safety, health, energy and environmental protection to be a minimum requirement. The regulations required for this purpose are described in the Integrated Management System and are subject to regular inspections.
  • Our standards for quality, safety, health and environmental also apply to all contractors working on our behalf. They make a binding agreement to comply with all regulations in force at our sites.
  • Protecting the climate and reducing the impact of climate change are among the key challenges the Emsland Group faces. As a company with social and environmental responsibility, we are well aware of the wide reaching implications of our role. We therefore regard our motto "using nature to create" as an invitation to actively protect the climate through responsible action and sustainable, strategic planning.
  • We are committed to our social responsibility and expect the same of our business partners. Therefore, we dissociate ourselves from any kind of corruption, discrimination and child and adolescent labor outside the legal bounds.




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             Mr. Peter Höning                  Mr. Gerrit-Jan Wesselink                  Mr. Christian Kemper                   Mr. Stefan Hannemann

                                                               Speaker of the Board