nachhaltigkeit tqm

With its Total Quality Management (TQM), the Emsland Group has launched a comprehensive, seamless approach to quality that implements a unified understanding of quality within the entire Group.


The objective here is on increasing customer satisfaction, which will be achieved through optimizing the quality of products and services in all functional areas and at all levels through the cooperation of all employees. The TQM strategy is being implemented under the motto “Moving away from specification – towards process stability”.


Other targets and measures of total quality management include

  • Reducing use of resources
  • Continuously improving processes
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Improving the flow of information and transparency
  • Products that are consistent and have little fluctuation in terms of product quality
  • Increasing customer satisfaction / improving customer loyalty / business expansion
  • Improving adherence to schedules and deadlines
  • Less faulty production, less reworking time and lower stock levels
  • Reducing use of resources, for example, testing equipment, number of measurements, etc.
  • Building / establishing a new understanding of what quality means
  • "Implement a food standard in the Group"
  • The same understanding of quality at all levels and all departments / functional areas throughout the Group. From the management to the employees working on the machines.
  • Sustainable implementation of methods and tools in the daily business


The TQM department also establishes the foundation for sustainability in the company.


Additional information can be found in the area of Evidence of Sustainability.


Therefore, in addition to the concept of sustainability, TQM also makes a valuable contribution to safeguarding business processes. This can only lead to success if the quality concept is practiced by all employees.

A fact that is true at the Emsland Group!