The Emsland Group distributes a comprehensive range of sizes for all spun fiber yarns worldwide. Whether cotton, modal, Tencel, polyester, viscose, wool or linen, our products are pure and can be used without additional synthetic products and/or wax.


Another important area of use for sizing agents is denim yarns. The Emsize® product series offers a wide range of yarns that provide optimum resistance against chlorine and are all biodegradable.


For both staple fibers and denim yarns, the Emsize® series from the Emsland Group features optimal sizing-agent properties.



Advantages of potato-starch-based sizing agents

The Emsize® product series from the Emsland Group has the following advantages in the field of sizing:

  • improved adhesive strength to polyester fibers
  • reduced dust
  • nonionic
  • chlorine resistant
  • excellent finishing effects
  • no foaming
  • easily biodegradable
  • forms transparent, flexible films
  • can be desized without enzymes
  • GOTS approved
    (Raw material verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the GOTS Standard)
  • ECOCERT verified BW1