Starches are indispensable as a thickener in textile printing. Printing textiles can be carried out by using various methods and can be used for both synthetic and natural textiles.


The products in the Emprint® series are suitable for all printing methods – in single- or two-phase processes, at high temperatures, with pressurized steam or when using a thermal process.


Moreover, the products can be used for all types of fibers, for which very good results are achieved through combining synthetic fibers with guar gum derivatives and alginates.



Advantages of potato-starch-based printing thickeners

The Emsland Group's Emprint® product series has the following advantages in the field of printing thickeners:

  • Used in various types of fibers (cotton, rayon staple fiber, polyester, acetate, triacetate, etc.)
  • Allows printing methods to be used flexibly
  • Suitable for all printing methods