In the area of dry mortar, the Emsland Group offers standard starch ethers as well as specialized and tailor-made product solutions. Starch ethers can be used as a thickener to improve the processing of finished mortars and plaster masses. In addition, they influence the different requirements with regard to open time, mortar-rheology, workability, curing cement and adhesive strength.


Emset® KH4 and Emset® KH6 have proven to be the standard products for processing premixed mortar and plaster. As special products, Emset® KH 8 and Emset® KCH 25, among others, have proven to be optimal additives. Using Emset® KH 8 creates a unique dry mortar. In addition to its anti-slipping behavior, the most important features are its very high open time, high-strength mortar values and the low impact on cement setting. In addition to dry mortar, Emset® KH 8 can also optimally be used in the areas of tile adhesives and cement plasters.



Advantages of potato-starch-based dry mortar

The Emsland Group can rely on over 20 years of experience in the field of construction additives for developing and continuously improving the Emset series for premixed mortar and plaster. The Emsland Group's Emset® product series has the following advantages:

  • excellent flow characteristics
  • very large open time
  • little effect on hardening
  • high strength properties
  • proven improved surface finish
  • natural resource derived from potatoes
  • easy processing