The life expectancy of concrete, its durability, high economic efficiency and malleability have made it an indispensable building material. Starch ethers, among other things, are integrated into the cement stones to optimize stability.


The Emsland Group can rely on over 20 years of experience in the field of construction additives during the process of developing and continuously improving our products for concrete applications. Thus, the special starch ethers in Emset® KH 6 were developed on the basis of natural potato starch in order to achieve more stability in concrete. We have achieved this both for self-compacting concrete as well as for normal concrete. This optimized concrete strength in Emset® KH 6 also reduces leakage.


Modern equipment and methods help our experts in the ongoing optimization process of our products' development. Thanks to direct contact with our customers, we are always at the cutting edge and can implement customer requirements directly.