As a vital link between raw material suppliers and construction industries, the Emsland Group provides a variety of innovative starch ethers based on renewable raw materials. The Emsland Group has state-of-the-art modification systems and the most advanced production facilities to produce customized starch ethers for the construction industry.


Starch ethers have many uses and can vary dramatically depending on the application. Due to the increasing raw material and energy costs, it is essential to continuously improve the quality of the products. Starch ethers improve the opening times and the product, among other things, for the end users. Our products contain rheological properties to prevent sagging and a thin spread of mortar.


The extensive product portfolio of the Emset® series, which is designed specifically for the field of construction chemicals, was born from the Emsland Group's claim that the best product must be developed for each and every application.




The various products of the Emsland Group are used in many applications in the field of construction additives. The Emsland Group focuses on the following areas: