In order to satisfy the demands on paper bag adhesives for the latest nozzle application systems and the use of specialized papers, the Emsland Group uses the latest technologies along with decades of experience to develop their products. As the manufacturing leader in this field, the Emsland Group decided to meet this challenge head on in the future.


Based on our close cooperation with leading machine and paper bag manufacturers, we were able to offer custom solutions for any set of requirements on the various types of machines. Regardless of whether it is a low- to high-speed tube machine or low- to high-speed floor layer, we offer you the optimal solution for each machine type.



Advantages of potato-starch-based paper bag adhesives

Our adhesives are used worldwide in leading paper bag factories. Compared to other products, the potato-starch-based adhesives from the Emsland Group have the following advantages:

  • reduced spatter at high production speeds, thereby reducing cleaning efforts
  • high degree of wet adhesive strength
  • fast and total adhesion
  • cost savings per sack through low consumption
  • good stability against dissolving
  • low penetration through highly porous paper
  • excellent wet strength, you can often forgo wet-strength additives
  • approved for packaging foodstuffs



Emcol® – Extruder products

The extruder products deal with cold-water-soluble granules. These adhesives, which have both good flow properties and a low tendency to splash, have been developed specifically for high-speed machines. They are also suitable for machine operations of all kinds (low- to high-speed tube machines).