Cardboard sleeves are used for various applications, such as in the paper, textile, plastic and construction industries and have to meet the most diverse requirements. The products from the Emcol® series can be used for all types of spiral sleeves, parallel sleeves or conical sleeves, among other things.


For these versatile applications, our dextrins provide the best possible strength and flexibility, since they achieve high degrees of dynamic strength and fracture resistance as well as dimensional stability.



Advantages of potato-starch-based cardboard sleeve adhesives

The Emsland Group's products aim for optimal results wherever high solids content, fast and secure adhesive bonds with high dimensional stability and low consumption are desired. The Emsland Group's product series has the following properties in the manufacturing of paper sleeves:

  • high degree of wet adhesive strength at different solution concentrations
  • short drying times
  • lower consumption
  • finished products are easily recycled, thanks to adhesives based on starch from natural raw materials