marke mk

The Emsland Group can look back on more than 80 years of experience of processing potatoes. Since the 70s, products for the food retail industry have been manufactured at the site in Hagenow. The wealth of experience in potatoes combined with the particularly sophisticated manufacturing process are what make the Mecklenburger Küche brand what it is. The basis for the natural flavor comes from the selected potatoes exclusively harvested from North German farmers in the region. Potato dishes are created from these potatoes to take care of the largest and smallest of appetites. Fluffy and creamy mashed potatoes, classic potato dumplings, fresh potatoes and hearty potato snacks are some examples from the versatile range. Mecklenburger Küche quickly and easily serves up the natural enjoyment of being in the countryside directly to your table.


Consumers can discover the brand diversity of the Mecklenburger Küche in German retail stores. More information about the brand, the products, recipe ideas and events as well as supply sources can be found under Discover the countryside!