Snacks are foods that are not consumed as a main meal, but are eaten to maintain an energy balance between meals, or because of their taste and enjoyment.

For your diversified portfolio, the Emsland Group provides you all the necessary ingredients to prepare potato-based snacks, such as potato flakes, potato granules and potato starches. These products optimize the taste, crispness, texture, expansion behavior and durability of your product. As the world's largest producer of potato flakes, the Emsland Group can of course also offer solutions tailored to your individual needs. You can expect maximum support from our on-site experts, who can help you with their know-how throughout the development of your product. Thanks to the new innovation center ‚Emsland Innovation Germany‘ finished in 2014, the Emsland Group is also technically up to date and offers you the chance to experiment with an extruder in order to produce directly or indirectly expanded products, or stackable chips – plant for the pilot-scale production of stackable chips.


The portfolio is rounded off by pea starches, which additionally offer a high shear stability, optimum temperature stability, good expansion behavior and neutral taste.

The Emsland Group also has innovative product ideas for trends such as acrylamide reduction, gluten-free products, or Clean Label.


Watch our snack applications within our Emsland Innovation Germany.


Directly and indirectly expanded snacks

The Emsland Group provides you with everything you need to produce directly or indirectly expanded snacks. Whether you want to improve the dough process in the extruder, the moisture distribution in the dough, or the cutting properties of the dough with the extruder, we have the right solution for you. Again, we offer solutions to make excellent Clean Label products.


Stackable or molded chips

To prepare stacking chips, you need to ensure that the dough is evenly shaped and produces homogeneous expansion during frying to guarantee good stacking in the usually tubular packaging. Of course, the Emsland Group offers the right solution for these products.


Baked snacks

Baked snacks are often produced because of their lower fat content when compared to fried products and, in turn, have individual properties that must be observed in order to produce an appealing product. Our Emflake®, Emgranule®, and Emjel® types lend themselves excellently, inter alia, to guaranteeing uniform dough processing and distribution of moisture in the dough.


Coated nuts

Starch-based coatings based on potatoes or peas allow the manufacturers to tailor texture and expansion variants. Through the application of coatings on snacks or nuts, virtually any desired textures can be achieved, from soft-crunchy to hard-crisp. With the Empure® Nut Coating, the Emsland Group offers another innovative Clean Label solution.



The term primarily describes the breakfast flakes that are associated by consumers with a healthy balanced diet. Today, cereals are usually produced by extrusion processes that are cheaper and more efficient than conventional production processes.