Produkte HP

Potato fibre combines the positive properties of insoluble fibre with its innate starch in a perfect way. One key technological property of dietary fibre containing cellulose is the construction of a three-dimensional fibre network in the end product greatly improving the texture and stability of the food.


Potato fibre has the following benefits and application advantages:

• dietary fibre enrichment

• calorie reduction

• carbohydrate and fat reduction

• high oil and water-binding capacity

• texture and structure improvement

• gluten free

• GMO free

• allergen free

• natural food additive


Potato fibres offer the food industry vitalizing substances with unique multifunctionality and excellent sensory quality. Food can be produced more easily, with higher value and more economically. Application areas are amongst other the following:

• meat, poultry, fish & seafood

• bakery products

• Snacks


Potato fibre - highly functional and taste-neutral


Emsland Group has developed Emfibre®, a range of insoluble vegetable fibres especially for the food industry. These gluten-free and non-allergen fibres are obtained directly from non-GMO potatoes. As natural food ingredient Emfibre® enables E-number free declaration of the end product. Emfibre® KF clean label potato fibre can be used due to its neutral properties for meat or bakery applications. It can be used to stabilize the gluten structure and improve the pore structure e.g. in baked goods.