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Peas are a good source of dietary fibre. Pea fibre consists of two main components, the inner structure (pea inner fibre) and seed coat (pea outer fibre). For food application only the pea inner fibre is used. There is a difference in fibre content and type between these components.


Pea inner fibres are used amongst others in food applications with following functionalities:

• high water binding capacity (WBC)

• oil absorption capacity

• increase of dietary fibre

• improvement of texture, form stability and mouthfeel

• process optimization e. g. during extrusion

• enhanced juiciness and tenderness

• longer shelf life and storing stability

• prevention of weight loss

• volume increase


Pea inner fibre can be used in a variety of different products due to its pale appearance and neutral/neutral-beany flavour. Following types of products that pea fibre can be used in:

• soups & sauces

• meat, poultry, fish & seafood

• bakery products

• pasta and noodles


New pea fibre product developments by Emsland Group


Emsland Group has developed Emfibre® EF, a range of insoluble vegetable fibres especially for the food industry. These gluten-free and non-allergen fibres are obtained directly from non-GMO peas. As natural food ingredient Emfibre® enables E-number free declaration of the end product. These products can also be used to support the healthy image of gluten-free products. Emfibre® EF is a clean label pea fibre with very high dietary fibre content and neutral properties. The positive functionality like a high water binding capacity makes it useful for a lot of food applications like bakery and snack products as well as health foods.