Dairy products are foods whose ingredients mainly consist of milk or milk constituents (milk protein, milk fat or lactose).The global market offers milk products in different variations. These include milk, dry milk products, cheese in various forms, yogurts, desserts and dry mixes for producing dairy products.Various advanced methods are applied (for example, UHT process) for producing functional, high-quality dairy products. Raw materials that can be adapted to the demands of these processes are also needed.


The Emsland Group has a diversified portfolio in order to optimize the product characteristics of your applications and customize them to your needs. With the help of our specialty starches, proteins and fibers, parameters such as viscosity, shear stability, freezing stability, texture, feeling in the mouth and shelf life can be positively influenced depending on the application.


Process flows can be regulated via our products during the manufacturing process, thereby simplifying and standardizing production. The Emsland Group also offers innovative solutions for trends such as clean label. Likewise, our products also make it possible for you to produce milk-free alternatives, which are especially consumed in vegetarian diets and with lactose intolerance. In the innovation center ‚Emsland Innovation Germany‘ built in 2014, tests can also be carried out together with our customers under realistic conditions in the pilot plant. For this, a variety of devices is available, such as a boiler cooker, screw cooker, homogenizer and UHT facility. Our experts are also gladly by your side to provide their expertise on-site in order to make improvements in production conditions.This also makes it possible to offer you individual, customized solutions to meet your requirements.


Watch our cheese applications within our Emsland Innovation Germany.


Yogurt and sour milk products

Yogurt and sour milk products are naturally fermented products, which are extremely popular among consumers.

These not only include plain and fruit yogurts, but also yogurt products such as dressings, dips and ice cream.

Different processes are also used during production, in which our starches are used in thickening and stabilizing agents to improve consistency, mouthfeel and longer shelf life. This leads to increased consumer acceptance and also improves low-fat products.

With the Emden TVH 15 modified tapioca starch, the Emsland Group offers a starch for optimizing texture, mouthfeel and the improved appearance of yogurt.


Puddings and desserts

The Emsland Group provides various solutions for the various types of puddings and desserts on offer, such as refrigerated products, UHT packaging and frozen desserts.


In addition to modified starches, our Empure® product range can be used, and can also be classified as "starch". Our versatile product solutions help you to customize properties such as mouthfeel and texture, and therefore adjust them to meet the needs of your customers.

Furthermore, our products adapt to the manufacturing processes you use, thereby improving parameters such as shear stability, shelf life, premium assets and acid stability.

Using our cold-swelling starches offers the possibility of producing dry mixes for instant desserts. In addition to modified starches, we also offer cold-swelling clean label starches, which you can use for a consumer-friendly declaration.


Milk drinks

In recent years, the Emsland Group has taken significant steps towards developing soluble pea fibers in the area of acidified milk products, such as yogurt drinks. By the time, we are working intensively on innovative solutions, to establish worldwide our soluble pea fibers. 


Cheese applications

Cheeses are offered as a wide range of products in various forms. These include grated cheese as a pizza topping or for salads, individually wrapped cheese slices, cream cheese, grill cheese and cheese sauces. Vegan alternatives also play an increasingly important role. A broad range of demands is made on these very different items. For this purpose, the Emsland Group offers you a wide range of product solutions and mixtures. By using our various starches and proteins, you can optimize the performance of your products, such as their grating ability, spreadability, melting behavior and storability, and thus adapt them to meet your individual requirements. Our potato starch can also be used as a separating agent for shredded cheese to create a longer shelf life.


Frozen foods

You can optimize the freezing stability of your products with the help of our product portfolio. Using our starches improves their mouthfeel and extends shelf life.