In a world with increasingly limited natural resources and growing populations, it is extremely important to develop efficient and sustainable ingredients for farm animals. The Emsland Group has made this its mission.

The Emsland Group manufactures and markets an extensive product range of ingredients for livestock and pets. Our products are used in the following ways:

  • Compound feed

    that is completely industrially mixed or combined and tailored to the specific needs of particular animals species (e.g. poultry, swine, ruminants, fish, rabbits, goats or sheep). Compound feed is composed of both grains (energy source) and peas (protein source) as well as lesser amounts of vitamins and minerals. Other ingredients such as natural health components, organic acids, aromatic substances and pigments may be added according to the requirements.

  • Premixes

    are part of the secondary ingredients of compound feed and more specific than vitamins and minerals. They are mixed or added to the desired compound feed along with the main ingredients. Premixes are used in small quantities, but with a high precision. They make up a proportion of 0.1 to 5% in the total compound feed.

  • Feed pellets

    High amounts of proteins are added to feed pellet premixes. They are usually supplied to farmers who mix the feed pellets into main components of compound feed such as grain.

  • Specialties

    Specialties consist of animal food for specific groups of animals or livestock feed additives for special purposes. These include, for example, milk replacer for calves, starter feed for piglets or health-promoting products and alternatives to antimicrobial growth promoters.

  • Nutritional supplements

    To promote health and encourage growth, piglets are often fed nutritional supplements. The healthy alternatives from the Emsland Group give you the option of dispensing with chemically combined supplements.

    To meet your needs, we make good use of our close customer contact. Together with you, we thus create custom products that are specially tailored to your needs.