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The Emsland Group sent an invitation to attend our open house on July 27, and about 380 farmers from the Emlichheim area accepted.

In his welcoming speech, Managing Director Gerrit-Jan Wesselink explained the current economic situation of the company and the new investments made by the Emsland Group. The roller drying plant with autoclave, nicknamed WalTrAut, is not only an impressive building with a height of around 33 meters, it is also the largest investment made at the location, with a total cost of € 33,000,000 — showing the company’s strong commitment to the location.

Mr. Wesselink was particularly proud of the engineering work carried out in-house, noting the impressive construction time of only 13 months.
Afterwards, Jan Schots, the new head of the raw material purchasing department, informed participants about the day’s agenda.

Martin Ter Glane (Starch Plant Manager) led the guests in small groups through the new WalTrAut building. During the tour, the participants learned about the state-of-the-art plant technology, which spans a working area of 3,750 m2, and received an overview of the roller and autoclave process. In particular, they learned that the company's own know-how had been incorporated in the construction of the plant. Afterwards, the research and development department demonstrated some practical examples of the end products, such as wallpaper paste, tile adhesive and machine sprayed mortar.


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The second stop of the day was the presentation of the new raw materials weighing system from OAS. Employees of the raw material procurement department provided attendees with a walkthrough of the new system as well as practical demonstrations.

The new weighing system will be implemented for the first time this year at the Emsland Group’s Cloppenburg and Emlichheim plants.

Towards the end of the visit, the raw materials department presented the possibilities of the new portal MyEmsland. "The big advantage of the system is that you can see all the data about the delivery directly and digitally," said participant Dieter Kleene from Walchum. He went on to explain, "So there is no need for any more queries to the raw material purchasing department of the Emsland Group. In addition, one has all the data for the entire year in one overview."

The WalTrAut open house came to an end with a large barbecue buffet, with the attendees agreeing that a follow up invitation of this sort would be more than welcome.