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At the heart of our process for sourcing quality raw materials is our cooperation with our suppliers for potato seeding and seed propagation.


Emsland Group products use potato varieties from German and Dutch providers, which help to assure a broad portfolio with a high quality and sustainable cultivation. As part of our support for our suppliers, as well as our drive to improve potato varieties in terms of resistance and maximize yield, we perform regular tests on our own trial areas of the fields using certified seed potatoes.


Through close collaboration and knowledge exchange, we help our suppliers to develop strategies to accommodate the unique cultivation needs for each potato variation. We test new varieties to not only improve quality and yield, but also focus on disease resistance, climate resistance (such as heat and drought), and low-input varieties for sustainable cultivation.


By partnering with our suppliers over the longer process of potato variety development and optimization, we assure high quality raw materials in our products while assisting suppliers to meet their goals all while minimizing the environmental impact.