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Girlsday 5

Many young students participated once again in the Future Day event at the Emsland Group in Emlichheim. Jan Lambers-Heerspink, Head of Human Resources, was happy to welcome back so many participants after a two-year pause in the event.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Lambers-Heerspink thanked the participants for their interest and gave an overview of the day's schedule. Due to the size of the Emlichheim campus, it is not possible to visit all of the different departments and buildings in one day. Therefore, for this event, the girls and boys visited the metalworking shop, the electrical workshop and the company laboratory. Mr. Lambers-Heerspink encouraged the participants to ask questions in order to learn about the background and context of the different activities.

After gaining an overview of the company and insight into the many training opportunities offered by the Emsland Group, the participants were then divided into three groups to visit the respective departments. In the company laboratory, participants assisted with sieve analyses and taste tests, and a simulation of starch production was performed. In the metalworking shop, the participants learned how to make a bottle opener, which they were then allowed to keep.


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The group then joined back together for what was considered the highlight of the day, climbing up to the top of the largest potato silo in Emlichheim. The silo tour offered a breathtaking view over the surrounding region. To the conclude the exciting day, the visitors enjoyed a meal together in the Emsland Group canteen.


Here is also a nice video of a student on the future day:


As an internationally active and future-oriented company, the Emsland Group offers young people an excellent entry into the professional world with many opportunities for growth.


Girlsday 1


We were also able to welcome numerous participants on Future Day at our external plants.
In Kyritz, for example, a total of 17 students came to a very sunny Future Day 2022.
The day started with a personal round of introductions. Afterwards, the young visitors were introduced to the company and the apprenticeships at the site.
After a joint breakfast, they went on a tour of the plant. Here, the students were able to take a look behind the scenes, ask questions, and have all the equipment explained to them.
Finally, they visited the mechanical and electrical workshops. Here, the girls and boys had the opportunity to do their own welding, look at the structure and function of a pump, and take a close look at large electric motors.


Girlsday 6

Many thanks to all involved!